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Veterans Resource Center

Veterans Resource Center

Thank you for your service. You have served your country and the cause of freedom and now it is time you get the help and respect you deserve from a grateful nation and companies who are looking for your knowledge, skills, and abilities. TAD PGS Inc. is a company who cares about veterans, their spouses, and dependents. Currently, 30% of our company is made up of veterans. We have been there. We have walked the walk. Now we want to help you.

It takes strong leadership, dedication, and commitment to serve. Employers recognize the value that you bring to their firms and want to hire you. We actively seek out these employers and help them bridge the gap of “Where do I go to find qualified veterans” to “Yes, we want that veteran on our team!”

On your side, as a veteran, it is difficult to understand how to get prepared for your return to “The World”, what to do, and where to go. The military has over 7,000 different types of jobs and more than 80% of these jobs have a civilian equivalent. Examples include mechanics, truck drivers, IT Analysts, transportation, construction, HVAC, and machinists, and the list goes on. This list can expand to literally thousands of positions.

We will guide you through a transition timeline beginning long before you separate. We will give you the tools and help to develop a “civilian friendly” resume. Many employers say many military job seekers need to do a better job translating their military experience into language that hiring managers recognize; and studies show that 60% of employers see the translation gap as the biggest obstacle to hiring more vets.

In the military, we do not have resumes, we have service records that show where we have been, our accomplishments, our training, and our job skills. Employers want to see a resume that built from that service record and we can show you how to “translate” it,

From your first thoughts of transition from the military to civilian employment, there is always uncertainty. TAD PGS Inc. wants to take as much uncertainty out of that process as possible and help you get the job that you want.

At TAD PGS, we make EVERY day Veterans Day.

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