As an older job seeker, I found the obstacles to employment more daunting than  my younger job seekers. Phillip Moeller of U. S. News and World Report has some suggestions that may be of help. 1) Get credit for what you know. Many older job seekers have experience that would more than qualify them for the positions. Highlight them

2) You are a brand. Aggressively promote yourself.

3) Career Navigators. Oftentimes, having a “go-to” point person experienced in the industry can be an advantage.

4) Offer your services. Consider an unpaid internship.

5) Reverse job fairs. Consider this newer form for your job search.

6) Computer technology and training. A must have in today’s market. There is free training available.

7) Flextime and part-time jobs. Today’s technology allows many opportunities for these positions.

8) Age bias. It is out there. It can be dealt with gracefully

9) Workplace readiness. Consider programs that give you certifications that employers may value.

For an expansion on these topics see U.S. News.

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