Looking for People

Outsourcing Solutions

TAD PGS, Inc. is adept at providing staffing outsourcing by working as an extension of your HR department. We have the knowledge and talent to manage all of your HR needs from staffing for individual projects and contracts to full source recruiting to managing payroll.

But it's more than outsourcing - it's a partnership. We sit down, assess all of your upcoming projects, perform a needs assessment and then put together a full strategic plan. How many people will you need? What skills levels are required? How long will they be needed? What date does the project begin, and when does it end? Then taking that knowledge, we create a working plan to insure the right people are ready, trained, tested and available at the appropriate time of the engagement. Our resource efficient solution saves time and money and eliminates guesswork. We deliver based on the needs of your business. You only pay for whom you need when you need them.