Looking for Work

Job Seeker Advice

Make sure your resume is up to date with current information including email and phone number.

Make sure your email address and voice mail messages are professional and appropriate for a corporate or government employer.

Apply to companies that work in the same field so you can corner that specific market. Do not apply to jobs or positions for which you have no experience just to secure a position. Look for the right fit and plan for longevity.

Make sure your resume is accurate with no unexplained gaps in employment and that it highlights the specific field you're interested in.

Prepare before any interview. Research the company so you look genuinely interested and knowledgeable when you interview. Read their website. Read news clips. Write down at least five questions about the company and/or the opportunity and be prepared to ask those questions.

Be honest about your skills and highlight your accomplishments in a realistic and informative manner.

Be specific about your pay and benefits requirements.

Keep a record of where you have applied with dates and position titles.