Looking for People

Engineering Solutions

At TAD PGS Inc., we're driven by the needs of our customers and providing the personnel to fill highly technical and specific roles, including your mission-critical jobs. Our engineering recruiters have the resources to identify the experts your company needs including those with advanced engineering degrees, the highest levels of technical training and candidates with R&D experience.

Our talent designs, builds, maintains, and improves the things that touch your life every day. And they're standing by to help your company overcome its challenges and achieve its goals. Whether you need contract, full-time, or project-by-project employees, we can find you innovators and problem solvers at all skill levels - from technicians to senior leadership. Our candidates include retired government and military personnel with real-world experience in civil, mechanical, aerospace nuclear and other related engineering fields. And we're equipped with the knowledge and people to assist with your engineering needs in the newest up-and-coming technologies including renewable energy, biomedical, medical and pharmaceutical engineers, chemical engineers, environmental engineers and many others. It's all about staying ahead of the curve and engaging the people who already have the skills and experience to keep you ahead of that curve.